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Keep your legal practice going and growing with certified professional compliance, easy-to-use and flexible, integrated legal accounting and practice management software.


    Compliance Assurance

Law firms across Australia trust cabenet for continuous certified professional compliance.

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL) and general rules has now unified Legal Profession Compliance requirements for law firms NSW and Victoria. cabenet was the first software to be issued with certification for the LPUL requirements. All other states of Australia accept NSW Law Society trust account software certification, as evidence of compliance suitability for local professional regulations. cabenet certified practice management software is your assurance that all the compliance boxes are ticked for every matter - covering file register, trust and controlled monies management, statutory practice registers and reports, fee estimate and cost disclosure management, billing records and invoicing, etc.

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    Work Your Way, Anywhere

cabenet delivers secure access to all matter information wherever you are - office, clients, court, without expensive or complicated IT infrastructure.

cabenet is totally web-based (in the cloud) which means you can use it anywhere to access your matter information at any time, from any Internet connected device that is a PC, laptop, MAC, tablet or smartphone. No complicated IT setup - use any device, anywhere.

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    Organise Your Firm, Your Way

Easy-to-use and flexible integrated practice management, that keeps your legal firm going and growing.

You have full control over access and information always and anywhere - create staff user profiles, setup teams, create matter workflows with dynamic tasks, assign tasks, track matter progress, and share updates and documents online with your clients.

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    One Accounting System For Your Entire Practice.

cabenet is the legal accounting system specialist, developed in Australia for local business regulations and requirements.

Every transaction is linked to the relevant matter for integrated trust and business accounting. Single screen matter accounting - matter file, trust ledger, debtor ledger, billing records and invoicing, with specialised legal accounting functions, such as trust to office transfers, matter exposure panel, fee estimate tracking, etc.

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    Legal Trust Accounting

Law practices must comply with stringent laws concerning the receipt, holding and disbursement of trust money.

cabenet has unsurpassed expertise in trust money accounting and a proven commitment to the provision of compliant legal accounting systems that meets all requirements for Australian legal practices. We offer systems, knowledge, training and support for law firms to manage this key area of professional responsibility.

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    Professional Billing And Invoicing

Satisfied clients are those that feel the price paid for legal services matches the value delivered.

It is imperative that law firms keep comprehensive records of all work done and billed, and inform clients throughout the conduct of the matter, so that 'value' delivered is assessable.

Easily manage fee estimates and client consent to meet professional requirements. Customise service pricing - define prices by; matter type, client group, staff skill-level, and specific disbursement types. Generate billing and invoices from the matter, from any device - including your smartphone.

Tailor your bills using a suite of invoice templates - lump sum, 'but-say', itemised bills, includes client rights statement, trust funds withdrawal compliance statement.

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    Seamless Workflow

Ensure all boxes are ticked - from client engagement to matter finalisation - track matter progress, manage client communication and securely share information with colleagues and clients.

Create matter work pipelines of steps and tasks for any matter type, assign tasks and timelines, and checked off completed actions before moving to the next step. Delegate work to team members with the assurance that appropriate processes are being followed across the practice for every matter.

    Smart documents

Document templating, automated data merging, Microsoft Office 365 integration and cloud storage.

cabenet delivers on the promises of cloud documents, making it easy to manage for any sized legal practice. Document templating, auto-assembly, matter data merging, version control, online collaboration, online forms, etc. all without expensive setup or intensive IT maintenance.

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    We Help You Get Paid Faster

Create invoices in a few seconds at your desk, laptop or smartphone.

Send invoices instantly to your client from the matter, by email or SMS to their mobile device, for faster online payment to you. Integrate credit card or BPAY payment to your invoices for seamless payment.

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    Trust Is A Two-Way Street

We won't tie you up with long-term contract commitments, or ask you to buy expensive hardware or to sign-up for ongoing support costs.

As a cabenet member you pay a single monthly subscription fee, with no minimum contract period. Start from only $77 per month, for up to 5 registered practice users at no extra cost. And if for any reason, you decide to stop using us, you can do so at any time, and can extract of your data; no questions asked.

    Best value for any law practice

We use the latest web-based technology to deliver legal practice software that is better, cheaper or easier to use, than anything else available.

Join cabenet for trusted, comprehensive, compliant and flexible legal practice management - pay as little as $15.40 per user, per month, for a small firm legal accounting subscription - total monthly subscription fee $77, which allows for up to 5 users at no extra cost.

       Take A Self-Directed Tour
Visit our demonstration account to explore at your own time and pace. Note this is public access account so please do not enter any personal or client details while using this demo site.

Request a guided demonstration
- for an online demonstration of the system features and to discuss your requirements with us, please email

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Advice to other law practices

"I am happy to confirm the ease of use of your product and I am convinced with e-conveyancing coming a lot of conveyancers are going to need your services. Our experience has exceed expectations, the product is leaps and bounds ahead of other providers. We have found the service and product very reliable - with exceptional after sales support, second-to-none that I have dealt with in the last 10 years." (Conveyancing Practice, Victoria)

"Definitely implement it into your practice. Unlike the "big name brands" that supply software etc., cabenet doesn"t continually charge for updates and new modules etc. It is extremely good value for money." (Practice with 5+ Solicitors, NSW)

"It is well worth trying, as it is easy to use and cost effective and you don't have the added cost and hassle of MYOB, I have recommended cabenet to a number of people." (Sole practitioner, NSW)

"cabenet is a reliable and simple to manage management system and the back up support is very good." (Practice with 1-5 Solicitors, NSW)

Suck it and see - if I can use it anyone can!" (Sole practitioner, Qld)

"I have already recommended your product to firms on the south coast. Mainly for the customer service and ease of use." (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"I would highly recommend it. The Program is fast and cost effective." (1-5 Solicitors, NSW)

What I like most

"It is well suited to what we need, easy to use and cost effective and now with importing of disbursements items, this makes it more efficient. (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"Compliance with trust account regulations and I particularly like the bank reconciliation function" (Sole practitioner, NSW)

"Cost effective, convenience and ease of use."(Sole Practitioner, WA)

"Customer service. I think the product is great. No need to change anything." (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"Everything plus prompt response to queries." Peter Baker (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"Simple, hassle free and 24 hours availability. Cuts out the paper" (1-5 Solicitors, NSW)

"Ability to raise invoices on the spot, rather than have to send them off to Finance. (Practice with 5 Solicitors, NSW)

"Makes me feel secure in our management of the trust account, as it alerts me if I miss recording something." (Practice 1-5 Solicitors, NSW)

"I like the importation of bank files. Generally, the real value is everyone (admin & lawyers) is on the same system. (Practice with 5+ Solicitors, NSW)

"Flexibility which allows system to be accessed from multiple sign-ins and away from office." (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"Ease of use and accuracy. Help manual is very good." (Barrister/Solicitor, NSW)

"Trust Account and Billing Program (being able to monitor what each solicitor at this firm is billing with ease). (Practice with 5 Solicitors, NSW)

"All requirements of the NSWLS are complied with simply, by proper use of the cabenet trust accounting system, particularly the month end reports. (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"That it is an online solution with automatic data backup and updating and has easy reconciliation procedures at the end of the month." (Sole Practitioner, NSW)

"The two things that have stood out - the excellent customer service (the response time has been consistently short) and the ease and speed of the billing system (it is very simple to bill, with the software writing up the bill. The ability to get the system to send the bill in an email saves a lot of time" (Ben, NSW)

"Ease of access and data protection." (Tracy, NSW)

'The ease of access to check client"s details and trust account balances. The way the system is accepted by the Law Society auditors and adheres to the regulations." (Michelle, NSW)

"All forms (reports) required to be maintained by the LS (Law Society) are automatically generated." (Peter, NSW)

Professional compliance

"cabenet has been a life saver for me, due to it being such an easy to operate system. During the last Trust Audit the Accountant (Auditor) noted frequently that he is very impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of my Accounting program (cabenet). He conducted the audit at my office and I could print out any info he requested in a flash. Other plusses are the fact that one need not outsource the bookkeeping and entering data is quick and easy once you get the hang of it." (Sole Practitioner, WA)

"I just went through my first trust investigation/audit by the Qld law society, which thanks to you was pretty much, event free. I basically passed with flying colours. I was in quite a bind when I first contacted you (cabenet)..., so thank you once again for making what is a stressful part of my practice simple and easy." (Sole Practitioner, Qld)

"I am a big fan of cabenet and believe that like the legal system itself the earlier computer trust accounting systems overly complicated it all on purpose. I am really cheering you guys on. There are a lot of solicitors out there struggling with their trust accounting." (Carolyn, NSW)

"Our first QLS report was that: "The Trust Account Investigation (compliance review) of the trust account records has revealed that the accounting records have been generally maintained by the law practice in accordance with the legislative provisions and good trust accounting practices. Thanks cabenet." (Robert, Qld)

Please provide your details for account registration

Business or Practice name:
As registered with your State Regulatoy Body
Practice Principal's name:
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Contact email:
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Please confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions         

By ticking confirm you are agreeing to our terms and condidtions of use and also to receiving product news and other information from cabenet via email or phone.

confirm registration and proceed to payment

Client say...

All you will ever need to keep your legal practice going and growing - integrated legal accounting and end-to-end practice management, innovative business tools for maximum flexibility and efficiency of practice operations at the lowest possible cost.

Best value for any law practice - From $15.40 per user, per month#.

# Small practice legal accounting subscription, provides up to 5 users for $77 per month.


Office in your hand

Experience a simpler way to work, when you have access to all your business and matter information from any device - PC, desktop, Mac or Smartphone.

cabenet looks and feels unlike any other business software. That is because, we have designed it to be as easy to use as possible and to use the best of web, mobile and cloud technologies. We don't think you should need to have a masters degree in accounting or business to run your software or pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to consultants to setup and maintain your practice management system.

With cabenet there is no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage - you just log in and get to work. Work your way from any device, anywhere. No complex installation required - cabenet brings all practice information together in one place, with customised access for each user and from anywhere they need to work.

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Matter register

All matter information in one place and accessible anywhere.

Ensure you have all the information required for every matter when you need it - comprehensive search - across clients, matter names, matter and office file reference, matter types, invoice number, documents, email, etc.

Setup additional information fields to build a more comprehensive database for client matters, document merging, client communication, relationship management and practice marketing.

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Trust accounting

Trust, can take years to earn and seconds to lose. It makes sense to use practice software that assures the highest standards for compliance, transparency and efficiency.

cabenet is compliance certified and cuts administrative effort and time - integrated trust and office ledgers, simple trust to office transfer processing, control monies interest & withholding tax authorisation, reconciliation and statutory reports, statutory deposit ledger, property settlement calculator, matter exposure tracking, etc.

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Business accounting

Integrated legal accounting, streamlines transaction processing, speeds up recording of work done and matter disbursements and results in comprehensive financial reporting.

Cabenet offers many specifically designed legal accounting features, such as easy trust to office transfers, office bank data import function, statutory deposit calculation and ledger, professional indemnity calculation, etc.

Access your business financial information securely online and liaise confidentially with your bookkeeper, accountant or external examiner from any device, anywhere.

-Three reconcilable business accounts

-Banking file data import

-Smart transaction allocation

-Integrated trust and office ledgers for each matter

-Simple bank reconciliation

-Cash and Accrual options

-Cheque printing

-Office disbursements



-Deposit slips

-Document uploading (save bank statements and other documents for one place for a paperless office)

-Financial reporting (balance sheet, income statement, etc.)

-Matter Integration (transactions linked to matters)

-Permissions (set user access levels)

-GST and BAS.

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Work tracking and time capture

In a fast-moving world law firms need agile business tools that adapt to your way of working as the business changes and grows.

Profitable practice is the result of the ability to control costs and maximise productivity. Technology that assists lawyers and staff in capturing all work done and the time taken on every matter, is essential to assessing the value of services delivered and to maintain profitable pricing across the practice. cabenet provides unique matter work tracking and time capture tools - chose multi-clock and Outlook calendar style process for effortless and comprehensive matter billing, in the office or on the go from mobile devices - for easy professional compliance, accurate and timely invoicing.

Customise your work processes - user profiles, teams, matter workflows, task management, time capture, WIP and matter budget tracking, etc.

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Billing and invoicing

Faster invoicing and getting paid on time, are key to managing business cash-flow.

These days clients and law firms generally enter into an agreement on the services to be delivered and the price upfront - either as a requirement of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL) or as good business practice. cabenet provides all the tools to guide accurate legal billing record-keeping for compliance and professional invoicing. This includes LPUL compliant management of matter fee estimate records, cost disclosure and client fee consent tracking, etc.

'Tick and create' invoicing, compliant formats for trust drawdown, email or mobile invoicing, SMS payment reminders and online CC payments, all add-up to clients paying you sooner. Customisable invoice formats for itemised and lump sum bills, with client rights and compliant trust funds drawdown statements.

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Matter management

Ensure you always work in-flow, to increase productivity and capture real-time information on every matter.

Know who, did what and when, on every matter - from client engagement to the successful completion of each matter.

Create matter work-flow pipelines to guide progress, assign tasks, send task reminders, track task completion, auto-capture work done for accurate billing records and invoicing.

Integrated email, VOIP and SMS to communicate directly with clients from within the matter screen.


Document management

Steering a way through the ever-expanding mass of information that makes up a lawyer's working day, can be frustrating and time consuming.

Law firms today must equip lawyers and staff with mobile access, matter information, documents or even to take a picture of paper documents and produce or edit a working digital copy, immediately wherever they are, and share it securely with colleagues and clients.

cabenet delivers cloud document integration, with Microsoft Office 365 for seamless document automation, collaboration and cloud storage.

Merge matter data within any Word document or form to instantly populate information fields and work online, with colleagues and clients with 'live' tracking of changes and document version control.

All matter information is easily searchable e.g. documents, invoices, emails, image files, etc.- flexible data field search such as matter name, reference, client, invoice number etc. but also in-document content searching.


Remote client access

Information transparency isn't just good ethics, it makes good business sense too. When clients feel fully informed, they are more likely to be satisfied with legal services.

cabenet builds bridges between lawyers and their clients - our unique interactive online client statements and information sharing tools, are the simplest, secure way for law firms to provide clients with real-time matter updates, and to share documents and billing information, without expensive and hard to maintain IT infrastructure.

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cabenet seamlessly and cost effectively integrates with other leading cloud-based business solutions, to streamline online and mobile communication, deliver document control and client management technology, across your law firm.

Cut your business costs and improve efficiency of daily tasks and client communications - ask us about our integrations for Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Insightly CRM, Skype, SMS messaging, SAI Global search services, etc.



Our online support team is never more than a message away, for advice, technical support and user training.

Email user support is included at no extra cost - whether you need advice on professional compliance issues or simply answers to those how-to questions, our helpdesk, and online help library provides comprehensive instruction and FAQ information.

For that extra help, we can also provide customised online or onsite training, monthly trust account reconciliation services, system implementation advice and consultancy - further services and pricing information, please refer to the terms and conditions section on the signup page of this website.

We also offer occasional seminars and webinars to assist cabenet members with development of essential practice management skills and to earn valuable CDP points.


Security and data protection

Data security is a moving target, as technology changes and new cyber-threats emerge, that is why law firms need systems that keep pace with the cloud, web and mobile technology environment.

Cabenet solutions are designed and developed in Australia and we deploy the best available data protection practices such as multi-layered user authentication, transmission and storage encryption and commercial grade cloud storage, so that you can be confident we are always working to deliver the best functionality and protection for your firm's data.


See for yourself

Take a self-directed tour - visit our demonstration account to explore at your own time and pace. Note this is public access account so please do not enter any personal or client details while using this demo site.

Request a guided demonstration - for an online demonstration of the system features and to discuss your requirements with us, please email



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Law firms across Australia trust cabenet for certified professional compliance, easy to use and flexible integrated legal accounting and practice management, that keeps their business going and growing.

Because, trust is a two-way street - we won't tie you up with long term contract commitments, or ask you to buy expensive hardware or to sign-up for ongoing support costs. cabenet is the original, and lowest per user cost cloud-based software for Australian legal firms.

Best value for any law practice - From $15.40 per user, per month. Based on a small practice legal accounting subscription, which provides up to 5 users for $77 per month.


To get started simply signup and pay a once only registration fee of $375 Inc. GST, this covers: account setup, the first month of use plus introductory online training and advice on conversion from legacy accounting systems (max.2 hours), and assistance with your first trust account reconciliation to ensure correct conversion of your professional compliance records.

Simply pay monthly - no minimum contract commitment, your subscription includes automatic upgrades, email help-desk support and a comprehensive online help library.

Legal Practice Accounting

Legal accounting subscriptions starts at $77 per month, Inc. GST, and provides up to 5 users at no extra cost, which means you pay as little as $15.40 per user, per month.

Your cabenet legal accounting subscription includes: matter file register, trust and controlled monies and office accounting (three reconcilable accounts), time capture tools (including for mobile devices), safe custody register, fees and cost billing and invoicing, with email, Skype and SMS integration, and email user support and online help library.

Choose the legal accounting subscription that suits your firm:

Small Practice
(1-5 users)

Medium Practice
(6-10 users)

Large Practice
(11-25 users)

$77 per month, per practice

$154 per month, per practice

$231 per month, per practice

If you require more than 25 Users please request a quote.


Cabenet Live

For 'all the bells and whistles' of comprehensive legal practice management, techniques and tools, choose cabenet Live starts from $154 per month for up to 5 users, which means you pay as little as $30.80 per user, per month.

Simply a better way to work - cabenet Live integrated practice management provides all any law practice needs to efficiently and cost effectively manage all matter work and business accounting requirements.

-Integrated legal accounting Matter file register, trust and controlled monies ledgers, and office accounting, billing, invoicing, practice billing and financial reporting, safe custody register and creditor management, PLUS...

-Smart Documents Access documents anywhere, anytime via practice controlled cloud storage. Auto-populate any document with matter data, customisable matter database, create or use any Microsoft compatible document templates.

-Information management Create, share and securely store documents, image, video and audio files, in fact any form of information you need to retain and protect is easily managed from any device, for authorise sharing and online editing.

-Integration with Skype, SMS and of course email for seamless client communication.

-Workflow Create matter workflow pipelines for any matter type, associate tasks and document templates, delegate tasks and track completion.

-Client Management Auto-capture new email contacts, email invoices, trust and debtor statements, share document links directly from the matter management screen.

-Security and control Multi-factor authentication provides secure user access from any device. You have full control over who has access, to which information and functions. All matter and financial information is backed up offsite in Australia, to commercial grade cloud storage facilities. Matter documents are independently stored to your practice Microsoft cloud storage.

Choose the cabenet Live subscription that suits your firm:

Small Practice
(1-5 users)

Medium Practice
(6-10 users)

Large Practice
(11-25 users)

$154 per month, per practice

$308 per month, per practice

$462 per month, per practice

If you require more than 25 Users please request a quote.






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